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Royal Flare

As I'm just getting used to the weather in Los Angeles, I decided to go out and explore my new city in my new flared skirt. We jumped in the car and drove around the neighborhood to take these pictures. Since I'm not familiar we got lost in the hills!!! hahaha I had so much fun. Being out here really showed me how comfortable I am in the cities that I often travel to. Now I really have to start all over again. Back to the hills, the view up there is breathtaking and so inspiring.

To be totally honest with you guys, I can't see myself living somewhere else than in Los Angeles, Dubai or Ibiza. The vibe in these cities is just so good, but the weather even better. I always wanted to live somewhere where it's sunny most of the time, so California was the perfect fit for me and I don't want to leave this place. 

Wish you all a stunning day while I'm enjoying the best time in the world. 





Royal Flare| OfficialDSHA by Danydsha Naomi

Royal Flare| OfficialDSHA by Danydsha Naomi

White sleeveless blouse | OfficialDSHA skirt in Royal blue | ZARA black and white sandals | Rolex Lady datejust oyster watch | Earrings Rocksbox | Prada Baroque 55mm Round Sunglasses | ZARA envelop clutch


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    July 30, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    You’re so inspiring. i love your style and everything that you post!

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