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Best Skincare Regimen

I often receive many questions through my social media accounts regarding skincare so, I would like to take this moment to share my daily regimen with all of you. Last year I went to my cosmetic doctor Ludy Holst (Van Lennep Kliniek, The Hague)  and while I was there I stumbled across ZO Medical and ZO Skin Health, which is a skincare line created by Dr. Zein Obagi. My entire regimen is based on this skincare line and I can't wait to share my experience.

Best Skincare Regimen | OfficialDSHA by Danydsha Naomi

The first thing I do in the morning is wash my face using the Oliacleanse. This dual-action cleanser removes dead skin cells and balances the skin. To control my oily skin i love to use the Cebatrol control pads. These contain 2% salicylic, which reduce sebum production and any irritation to the skin. I have noticed that my pores have become remarkably less visible since I started using these pads. To finish my morning routine I also use my day cream which is the Ossential Daily Power Defense. Some of the many benefits of this cream is that it significantly reduces the visibility of hyper pigmentation, prevents from future damage and also smooths out the skin. A true all in one cream.

The last step and one of the most important is using a sunscreen during the day. I'm using the Oclipse sunscreen + primer with SPF30. This sunscreen will protect my skin from sun damage. There isn’t a day that goes by where I'm not wearing this sunscreen because sun damage is one of the biggest factors of all skin problems. Something I always worry about is looking like a ghost when applying sunscreen... But don't worry, this sunscreen is tinted. Bye bye white cast! 


After all of these products I'm ready to either start my make-up routine or leave my face just as it is.


My nightly regimen is a little bit different. Two times a week I use the Vitascrub to remove any dead skin cells that develop.  After using this scrub my face feels uber clean and super smooth. Just like my routine in the morning, I cleanse my face and use the Cebatrol pads. Depending on what my skin needs I'll either use the Brightenex or Retamax. The Brightenex is there to brighten up the skin and control pigmentation. Retamax contains a highly concentrated Vitamin A level, which stimulates the natural rebuilding process of the skin. [spacer height="20px"]Another option at night is the Ossential growth factor serum plus. This is the creme de la creme with the best anti-aging benefits, ladies!! You will look fabulous in just a few seconds haha.. I can go on and on about these products. 

Best Skincare Regimen | OfficialDSHA by Danydsha Naomi


While using these products I have learned a bunch about my skin and how to handle numerous skin problems. Of course there is no answer to everything, but I've come a long way and found a regimen that works for me and more importantly is very EFFECTIVE!

More about these products click here or here!


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