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Layoff Lace Jumpsuit | OfficialDSHA by Danydsha Naomi

Danydsha Naomi is a model turned lifestyle blogger with a passion for fashion, which she developed at a very young age. Amongst her modeling career, she is an ambitious business woman, world class traveler and loves to share and inspire her journey with her international audience along the way.

OfficialDSHA is created to express her personal style, beauty must-haves and her latest travel experiences.



What does the name of your blog mean?

I’ve named this site Official DSHA, as a lifestyle blog created by me, Danydsha Naomi. I came up with DSHA through the letters out of my first name. Since I want my readers to feel like they are actually getting to know me through my stories I’ve added that for a personal touch.


Where did you go to school and how did you become a Model?

I went to Lucia Marthas Institute For Performing Arts in Amsterdam and studied to become a All Round Dancer. Studying at the School Of Performing Arts was a good start in the entertainment industry, gave me courage and an opportunity to grow as an artist. At the age of 17 I participated in a beauty pageant, got signed and everything took off from there. While working as a model I decided to study Small Business and Retail Management which taught me pretty much the basics of starting your own business.


What camera and filters do you use?

I use my Apple iPhone 6s or Canon T5i (700D) for my Instagram and blogpost photos. My favorite apps for editing pictures on my phone are Afterlight and Facetune and I’ll use VSCO app for my filters.


What is your nationality?

I was born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. So I consider myself a true Dutchie. My parents are both from the Caribbean and mixed, so most of my features are coming from the exotic islands.

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