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A stylish walk around the golden city

Good morning beauties!!

I’m going straight into taking this opportunity to share today’s styling! From H2T (Head To toe) like Tyra Banks would say, a tailored white blouse, neon pink skirt, ankle strap heeled sandals, a bracelet & the iconic leather handbag: Chanel 2.55. It is easy and simple but I wanted the total styling to be classy. 

So… I’m not sure if I told you about my staying, but I stayed in Dubai Marina and I was totally blown away by the marina walk. So I already hear you asking yourself what is Dubai Marina? Or what is Marina walk? I’m going to explain you in the best way possible, LOL! Dubai Marine is a district in Dubai. You can compare it as Manhattan, NY and one of the districts of Manhattan is for example the financial district, I’m sure you got that one! Now… marina walk is a long walk, a bit less than 2 km I guess, by the lake surrounded by the skyscrapers including restaurants, clothing stores, boutiques, gyms etc. You need to envision the buildings of NYC and a seasoning of St. Tropez, a Voila (in my best French speaking) you got Marina walk. In my head I was strutting the runway with my walk like Miss Naomi Campbell and I managed to keep it all together, HONEY! 

While enjoying the beautiful yachts, weather, the waterway and just the whole environment, I couldn't be more happier and grateful for the life I live. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have some challenges along the way but I don’t give much attention to these things that does not get the best out of me.

During the day it's not that busy at the Marina walk but there are enough places to have a delicious lunch, or a smoke shisha. I saw some people running up and down and doing their exercises  Which reminds me, that I haven't been doing any excercises lately nor going to the gym. It’s been quite a while to be honest! I'll try to make that up once I'm back home. 

At night I stumbled across the Street Festival, which was around the center of the marina walk with different variety of shows, from acrobatics to small dance and musical shows. For now enjoy the pictures below.



A Stylish Walk in the golden city| OfficialDSHA by Danydsha Naomi

A Stylish Walk in the golden city| OfficialDSHA by Danydsha Naomi

Topshop puffy jacquard pencil skirt in fluro pink  | Zara white blouse | Zara black and white sandals | Chanel 2.55 classic flap bag | Scosha precious braid bracelet in neon orange



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